Tiny Tassel Gifts for the Tassel Lover!

January 27, 2022

Tiny Tassel Gifts for the Tassel Lover!

Come one tassel lover, come all! This gift guide is the perfect solution for anyone struggling to buy a gift for someone this holiday season!




  1. The Ashe Tassel Earring - ($24.00)Our Ashe Tassel Earring features a beautiful garnet thread and is actually one of our signature tassel earrings. They make a great statement for an outfit and are uniquely handmade in our office in Charleston, South Carolina! This classic accessory is accented by gold hardware for added sparkle and is also available in clip on! 

  1. The Morrison Tassel Earring - ($24.00)Similar to the Ashe Tassel Earring, this product is featured in a black thread and is a great pick for the holiday season. It matches any outfit but is still a great statement piece. Uniquely handmade in Charleston, South Carolina, this classic accessory is also available in both a classic hook or clip on style!

  1. The Clifford Tassel Earring in Garnet - ($34.00)The Clifford Tassel Earring is a great pick for the holidays season with its beautiful shade of garnet. It is a fun take on a lucite hoop, adorned with handmade tassels. These earrings, along with the rest are lightweight and hypoallergenic, as well as being handmade here in Charleston, South Carolina. This product is also available in multiple tassel colors.

  1. The Tillman Tassel Earring ($34.00)Our Tillman tassel earring is one of our personal favorites. It is a fun look for the holidays and spices up any outfit! This fun take on the classic tortoise hoop features a beautiful floral cut. It’s adorned with handmade tassels and is both lightweight and hypoallergenic.


  1. The Fulton Tassel Bracelet in Pink - ($32.00)The Fulton tassel bracelet is a great pick! Featuring pink cinnabar lanterns, and adorned with a gold tassel, it is the perfect pop of pink for any outfit in any season. Our bracelets are handmade in Charleston, South Carolina with stretch for a comfortable fit on most wrists.

  1. The Barre Tassel Bracelet in Pink - ($32.00)The Barre Tassel bracelet in pink is one of our forever favorites!. It features the perfect light shade of pink porcelain beads adorned with handmade metallic gold tassel. This is a classic staple item with a colorful twist. Our bracelets are handmade in Charleston, South Carolina with stretch for a comfortable fit on most wrists.


  1. The Bogard Tassel Bracelet - ($32.00)Our Bogard Tassel bracelet will accent a dark outfit beautifully! Similar to the Barre Tassel bracelet, the beads are hand-painted navy & gold porcelain beads are adorned with a handmade metallic gold tassel. This is a classic staple item with a fun twist.

  1. The Nassau Tassel Bracelet - ($32.00)If you are looking to add a pop of color to an outfit, The Nassau bracelet is a great pick for you! Featuring hot pink and white striped beads accented by frosted white beads and a classic white tassel, this exclusive style adds a great statement to an outfit!


  1. The Poulnot Tassel Necklace - ($48.00)If you are shopping for a necklace lover, our Poulnot Tassel Necklace is the perfect pick! It features a ginger jar-inspired bead accented by striped navy and white beads, white frosted beads, and a white tassel. This necklace is a classic staple for any outfit and is also uniquely handmade in Charleston, South Carolina.

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