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Our Story

The Tiny Tassel is a jewelry and accessories brand inspired by the vibrant colors of Charleston, SC. Founded in 2015 with the Signature Tassel Earring, The Tiny Tassel has expanded to include earrings, bracelets and necklaces, hand-made garments, and a curated collection of jewelry, accessories and party goods. With happiness at the heart of the business, each collection includes hand-made and curated pieces in bright colors and classic prints. The Tiny Tassel is designed with the everyday woman in mind, and wearing one of The Tiny Tassel’s colorful statement pieces will make you feel vibrant.

Happiness was the core value that inspired Mimi Striplin to launch The Tiny Tassel in 2015. Striplin's tassel earrings are vibrant, colorful statement pieces that evoke the feelings of sunshine and summertime. The Tiny Tassel is a family affair, too. Thanks to her mother’s sewing skills, Striplin also sells handmade garments, including classic shift dresses and wrap skirts.

Meet Mimi

When Mimi received a pair of earrings as a birthday gift from her sister, she was inspired to put her own twist on her earring collection and took to making tassels. Following her undergraduate education at College of Charleston, The Tiny Tassel was born. What started as a creative outlet in the summer of 2015, evolved into a jewelry, clothing and accessories brand based in Charleston, SC. Mimi creates each tassel by-hand and also designs handmade garments with her mom, while her sister helps to design various styles included in the Curated Collection. Inspired by her favorite city, Mimi names each piece after a street name or special place in Charleston. Our collection is made up of bright colors and classic prints, which Mimi hopes will bring joy to others with her statement pieces.
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