Hello Yellow!

February 23, 2022

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Looking for some products to light up your wardrobe? Check out this week's post featuring yellow pieces that will be sure to make your outfits bright, colorful, and happy!

Our Fancy Matches: Yellow Small Match Jar ($14.00)

Adorn your mantle with these adorable yellow Fancy Matches! These fun colored matches are tucked into a corked glass jar with a match-striker affixed to the bottom. Each jar is filled by hand by Frankie & Claude. This is the cutest yellow piece to pair with your candle or gift to a friend!


Our Flower Money Coin Pouch ($8.00)

Bring back the memories of old-school amusement parks and summer camps… this yellow vintage-inspired rubber coin pouches are our new favorite accessory! Keep all of your coins, cash, and secrets safe. Squeeze to open!

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Our Smiley Sun Plates ($6.50)

These yellow smiley plates are sure to bring some bright colors to your table! Rain or shine, these brilliantly bright plates are sure to brighten up your day. 

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The Bermuda Earring in Yellow ($34.00)

The Bermuda earring in Yellow is a fun, vibrant earring! It features a beaded star with a rattan cylinder drop for the perfect vacay vibes. This earring also comes in hot pink so be sure to check out this other fun color!

alt="bermuda earring"

The Camellia Earring in Yellow ($18.00)

The Camellia earring in Yellow is the cutest lightweight, dainty yellow stud, adorned with the perfect pop of gold. It’s sure to become a new go-to. This earring also comes in different colors so be sure to check out this collection as well!


The Evergreen Earring in Yellow ($36.00)

The Evergreen Earring in Yellow is part of our exclusive collection and is a beautiful abstract inspired earring! This square shaped earring features yellow and mustard yellow beading for the prettiest sunny statement. Check out our other colors here!


The Lemon Earring ($34.00) 

Try out a fun new shape with our Lemon earring! It’s an adorable yellow colored lightweight beaded fruity statement! You don’t need to make lemons into lemonade with this happy, stylish design! Designed by both Aiko and Mimi, it makes for the perfect addition to a bright colored outfit!

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