Mimi's Tiny Tassel Picks of The Week!

January 27, 2022

Mimi's Tiny Tassel Picks of The Week!

We're sharing our founder Mimi's favorite jewelry, garments, party items, and more for the new week ahead!

Mimi's Favorites: Handmade Tassels!

Scalloped and accented with a handmade navy tassel, the Warren Tassel Earring is a fun statement piece for your everyday outfit!

We think the perfect way to style up any outfit is to add a touch of tassel! The Pinckney Tassel Necklace in White is handmade here in Charleston and accented with a porcelain cornflower blue bead and can also be found in light pink and navy!



Mimi's Favorites: Beaded Earrings!

Our Wreath Earring Is launching on December 5th and is a result of a collaboration with our good friend Evelyn Henson. This adorable beaded wreath is lightweight and is a perfect statement piece to showcase your Christmas spirit this holiday season! 

Mimi's Favorites: Accessories!

Need a quick and easy way to add a pop of fun to your hairstyle? Put a bow on it with our pearl Bow Clip or the adorable handmade Headband in Gold & White Check that is made shorter so you’re headache-free!

Rainbow Row is located here in Charleston, SC, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions! Our Rainbow Row Scrunchie is handmade by Mimi's mom and is perfect for the Charleston lover!

Sometimes the wind can get the best of our hair. Our Scalloped Comb in Tortise is the perfect grab & go comb to throw in your purse for a day or night out!





Mimi's Favorites: Handmade Garments!

The Charleston Scalloped Midi Dress is long-sleeved, scalloped trimmed, and accented with a gold belt buckle! We are all about size inclusivity here at The Tiny Tassel and that's why we offer all of our handmade garments from size XS to 3XL!


Mimi's Favorites: Essentials Collections!

Perfect for the floral lover, our Lamboll Earring is simple yet eye-catching! This cute gold flower hoop goes with just about any outfit!


Mimi's Favorites: Curated Collection!

The BuDhagirl Bangles are lightweight and soundless! Each bangle (9) is supposed to represent an intention you have for the day and at the end of each day, you are supposed to reflect on each intention as you take them off for the night! We even have the Baby Bangles offered in singles for your adorable little one.

Our 2022 Flower Boxes Calendar by Texture Design Co offers frameable historic Charleston window prints which makes it the perfect gift just that keeps giving!



Photos by Aneris Photography


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