Get To Know Moon Seed!

At The Tiny Tassel, we love carrying some of our favorite local brands from some amazing vendors like Cathy from Moon Seed!

Moon Seed offers some amazing creatively abstract statement earrings you won't find anywhere else. Cathy handmakes each earring with materials of wood, acrylic, and resin. Learn more about Cathy and her wonderful brand, Moon Seed!

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in my Haitian and Caribbean culture, architecture, and art legends like Henri Matisse.

Look how adorable these scalloped hot pink moon seed earrings are!


What never fails to brighten your day?

Good food and midday naps. 

These cornflower blue earrings are super lightweight and an eye-catching statement piece for your everyday outfit


Wow, we can't get enough of moon seed and this emerald green statement earring! 


What’s your favorite song to work to?

When We Were Young - Adele

Check out Moon Seed's handmade jewelry!

Instagram: @shopmoonseed

Photos By Aneris Photography

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