Our Gift Guide for Every Friend

We all want to show our friends how special they are to us through the perfect gift, & we have the perfect things to help. We put together a list of gifts for every friend that’s sure to make gift shopping a breeze!
For The Life Of The Party
We all have a friend or two that loves to host and organize parties and knows how to bring out the best in anyone! To “cheers” these friends for the excitement and joy they bring to our lives, we selected a few gifts for the party goers. Happy hour cocktail napkins are the perfect pairing for this glass that reminds our friends how awesome they are! Piñata party favors are the perfect present for those who make everyday feel like a party.
For The Busy Bee
For the ones on the go, who never seem to slow down. These gifts can be a great reminder to take some time for themselves and to realize all they do for those around them! Being productive is important, but overworking yourself has some consequences that can be remedied with our picks. This mirror sticker can serve as a daily reminder of your worth. Something sweet like these treats are a great “just because” gift. Be intentional with time for rest and relaxation! This tub tea may help your busy friends take some time to unwind from the stress of their day-to-day lives.
A little Something For Everyone
Make their life a bit easier with our vibrant, eye-catching keychain.
Our beaded Elsey Keychain is available in a variety of colors and the cutest gift to personalize their keys or bag!
For The Charleston Girl
She’s a local or loves CHS so much that she practically is one! She's your unofficial tour guide and is the first to know of all the happenings around town, best restaurants, and seems to be connected with half of the city. Give her some useful and adorable items that show off her love for the Holy City! Shop the greeting card, mug, canvas pouch, and clutch for an everyday gift or special occasion!
For The One Who Has Everything
For the friend who always has the next big thing, keep it simple and classic with the BudHaGirl bangles. These are a staple and can add some glam to any and every outfit! These bangles are more than adorable and are supposed to encourage nine daily intentions to be set, one per bangle. BudHaGirl Bangles will keep you and your friends mindful and stylish.
For The Indecisive Friend
For the friend who will never really tell you what she wants for her birthday and leaves you guessing, let her decide. The TTT gift card will let her choose from our wide array of products within the price range of your choosing.
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