Get To Know Noble House Designs!

January 27, 2022

Get To Know Noble House Designs!

At The Tiny Tassel, we love carrying some of our favorite brands from some amazing vendors like Sara from Noble House Designs!

Noble House Designs makes some amazing handcrafted essential oils that are all centered around different healing intentions! Sara believes that essential oils are great for everyone- from babies to adults!

What’s the short story behind your business name?

I named Noble House Designs from my favorite book - Noble House by James Clavell. It is the best story about business, strategy, success, travel, and love in my favorite city in the world, Hong Kong. The story is multi-layered and I hope that my business would be that as well. I am interested in many things like design, fashion, and wellness- and hope I can tie my passions together under one house, aka Noble House Designs.  



Want to feel loved, calm, and happy? This Love Essential oil roller smells of jasmine, ylang ylang, and rose!


What inspires you daily?

Beautiful things in design or nature. Amazing scents that create a beautiful ambiance and help relax and calm. Manifesting my dream life and career!


With notes of lavender, black spruce, and roman chamomile this essential oil roller helps you with fears and provides positive energy!


I can’t work without _____ at my desk!

Must-haves at desk: Papermate felt point pens, note pads, and my essential oil diffuser. I love to smell uplifting, all-natural scents while I work. Oh and my little pup, Charlie, in my lap! 


Check Out Noble House Designs!

Instagram: noblehousedesigns

Product photos By Aneris Photography


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