Mimi's Tiny Tassel Picks of The Week!

We're sharing our founder Mimi's favorite jewelry, garments, party items, and more for the new week ahead!

The perfect present!

We partnered with Evelyn Henson to bring you the cutest pink beaded stocking earrings and of course our handmade St. Margaret in Gold Tassel Earring! A $64 value at the price of only $35! Shop our Legare bundle in our Instagram shop!

Mimi's Favorites: Beaded Earrings!

Bring on the spice with our Burns Earring, a beaded hot sauce bottle is the cutest statement piece! 

Mimi's Favorites: Essentials Collection!

Perfect for a little one, our Starry Stud in Blues is an adorable acrylic star stud and can be found in Pink too!

Mimi's Favorites: Accessories!

Get the perfect pouch for a bride to be with our Miss to Mrs. Canvas Pouch! We have even more fun bridal jewelry, accessories, cards, and more in our Bridal Collection!

Our adorable Wimbee Keychain is a pink beaded keychain designed by Mimi and her sister, Aiko!

Mimi's Favorites: Handmade Garments!

Designed by Mimi's mom, the Dorchester Dress in Safari features our new favorite pattern and dress style at the moment. This fun dress is perfect for a day or night out!

Brighten your day and show the world your rainbow with our Edith Dress in Rainbow Striped Blues! 


Mimi's Favorites: Gift Shop!

National Cocoa Day is December 13th, so why not celebrate with our adorable Cocoa Santa Mug

Know someone who sparkles like champagne? Our Champagne  Bottle Kitchen Towel is a perfect hostess gift for someone you know who loves to celebrate! 

Gift a little one something crafty with our Rainbow sticker and Sketchbook! A perfect gift that gets the imagination running!


Photos By Aneris Photography 

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